Name Status Classification District Established Date
Skyline Active Mixed Carolinas 4/8/20
Phase 4 Active Male Mid-Atlantic 4/8/20
Lights Out Active Male Johnny Appleseed 4/5/20
SoCal Distancing Active Mixed Far Western 3/25/20
Oasis Active Male Far Western 3/24/20
Jabberwocky Active Mixed Far Western 3/18/20
High Desert Drifters Active Male Rocky Mountain 3/17/20
Rhythm Method Active Female Northeastern 3/15/20
3 on Q Active Mixed Far Western 3/13/20
C Sick Active Male Far Western 3/11/20
Ember Active Female Rocky Mountain 3/9/20
Face the Music Active Male Northeastern 3/9/20
Relative Minor Active Male Northeastern 3/8/20
Quatrewaul Active Mixed Johnny Appleseed 3/7/20
Left it in the Green Room Active Male Evergreen 3/6/20
Off Topic Active Male Evergreen 3/6/20
The Four Chordsmen Active Male Ontario 3/6/20
Tune Mafia Active Male Johnny Appleseed 3/3/20
Outhouse Junction Four Active Male Mid-Atlantic 3/2/20
Friday Harbor 4 Active Mixed Evergreen 3/2/20