Name Status Classification District Established Date
The 4th Dementia Active Male Illinois 9/28/20
Out of the Ashes Active Male Far Western 9/26/20
Hindsight Active Male Ontario 9/26/20
Mixed Company Active Mixed 9/16/20
Premium Blend Active Male Southwestern 9/11/20
Midway Active Mixed Johnny Appleseed 9/6/20
LAME JOHNNY CREEK Active Male Rocky Mountain 8/28/20
Rogue IV Active Male Southwestern 8/27/20
The Bee’s Knees Active Male Pioneer 8/25/20
Momentum Active Male Far Western 8/21/20
Tomochichi Active Male Carolinas 8/18/20
Fourtold Active Male Land O Lakes 8/15/20
The Elderly Brothers Active Male Mid-Atlantic 7/25/20
Voices Of Magic Active Mixed Illinois 7/13/20
Out Of The Blue Active Male Evergreen 7/6/20
Rampage Active Female Mid-Atlantic 7/3/20
Chords Against Tonality Active Male Central States 6/23/20
Plus One Active Mixed Mid-Atlantic 6/20/20
TTBBQ Active Male Far Western 6/4/20
At Last Active Male Central States 5/29/20