Name Status Classification District Established Date
The Boys R Back Active Male Far Western 4/27/15
The Boardroom Barber Tots Active Mixed Southwestern 2/7/20
The Big Time Active Male Evergreen 2/24/19
The Beautyshoppers Active Female Mid-Atlantic 1/28/20
The Baytones Active Male Land O Lakes 4/18/11
The Associates Active Male Far Western 2/3/20
The Aristocrats Active Male Ontario 8/25/14
The All Nighters Active Male Central States 5/3/17
The Algorhythms Active Male Mid-Atlantic 5/23/19
The Afterglows Active Male Northeastern 2/24/19
The After Party Active Male Ontario 8/7/17
That's Life! Active Male Cardinal 8/9/19
Terry and the Pirates Active Male Seneca Land 3/13/16
Tenor First Active Mixed Far Western 2/25/19
Tempest Active Male Southwestern 7/12/18
TBQ Active Male Sunshine 8/2/17
Taylor Made Active Male Mid-Atlantic 3/15/19
Tap House Active Male Mid-Atlantic 4/18/19
Take Note Active Male Illinois 9/10/07
Take 4 Active Female Central States 7/6/19