Name Status District Established Date
Border Crossing Active Sunshine 2/23/15
Born To Sing Active Mid-Atlantic 3/2/05
Boston Light Active Northeastern 3/19/17
Brace for Impact Active Evergreen 3/20/17
Brand New Day Active Northeastern 3/3/14
Brass Rail Active Rocky Mountain 9/1/97
Bravada Active Johnny Appleseed 2/2/02
Break From Blue Collar Active Mid-Atlantic 10/30/15
Break Time Active Pioneer 7/16/14
Brew City Harmony Active Land O Lakes 3/27/18
Bridgetones Active Evergreen 2/7/18
Brigade Rally Active Southwestern 8/27/15
Bright Knights Active Land O Lakes 10/16/08
Brothers In Arms Active Mid-Atlantic 3/24/15
Brothers in Harmony Active Land O Lakes 1/18/11
Brothers of a Chord Active Cardinal 4/13/18
Bucket List Active Pioneer 10/22/12
Buckeye Blend Active Johnny Appleseed 5/1/10
Bullseye Active Northeastern 2/19/09
Buzz Boys Active Evergreen 3/27/14