Name Status Classification District Established Date
Boise 'n Broadway Active Mixed Evergreen 8/19/08
BOMP! Active Male Land O Lakes 11/4/15
BoomerRing Active Male Johnny Appleseed 1/11/20
BoomTown Active Male Central States 9/11/12
Bourbon Brothers Active Male Sunshine 5/10/18
Brass Ring Active Male Illinois 7/13/19
Bravada Active Male Johnny Appleseed 2/2/02
Breakfast For Dinner Active Female Mid-Atlantic 3/2/20
Breakthrough Active Male Far Western 1/22/19
Brew City Harmony Active Male Land O Lakes 3/27/18
Bricktown Beat Active Male Southwestern 3/15/19
Bridgetones Active Male Evergreen 2/7/18
Brigade Invaders Active Male Rocky Mountain 7/24/19
brigadooms Active Male Pioneer 7/11/18
Bright Knights Active Male Land O Lakes 10/16/08
Bright Side Active Male Seneca Land 8/13/19
Broadcast Active Male Far Western 5/2/06
Brotherhood of the RING Active Male Evergreen 1/26/20
Brothers of a Chord Active Male Cardinal 4/13/18
Brown Eyed Girls Active Female Mid-Atlantic 3/14/19