Name Status District Established Date
Back Room Boys Active Evergreen 8/7/17
Back Street 4 Active Sunshine 9/10/13
Backroads Active Far Western 12/11/16
Backstage Pass Active Southwestern 9/18/17
Backstretch Active Northeastern 1/8/18
Backswing Active Mid-Atlantic 3/1/10
Bandstand Active Northeastern 5/1/98
Barbers of C'ville Active Mid-Atlantic 1/24/13
Barbershop Cafe Active Far Western 2/3/16
Barbershop Express Active Far Western 4/30/14
Barbershop Pot Luck Active Dixie 8/24/17
Barbershop Therapy Active Ontario 9/29/17
Bari and the Three Bears Active Far Western 2/7/17
Bascom Avenue Active Far Western 2/11/14
Bay Bridge Connection Active Mid-Atlantic 6/22/15
Baytowners Active Sunshine 1/3/18
Beat Street Active Central States 10/31/11
Beginners Luck Active Northeastern 5/1/86
Behind The Times Active Evergreen 4/2/05
Belle Voci Active Far Western 7/9/13