Name Status Classification District Established Date
Swing Theory Active Female Ontario 1/2/19
Rampage Active Female Mid-Atlantic 7/3/20
Soul Sisters Active Female Evergreen 7/29/19
SwingTime Active Female Far Western 2/3/20
JAZZ! Active Female Central States 9/13/19
3mp Quartet Active Female Johnny Appleseed 2/8/19
Brown Eyed Girls Active Female Mid-Atlantic 3/14/19
Rhinestones Active Female Southwestern 2/4/19
Insight Active Male Cardinal 2/5/18
Calltime Active Male Johnny Appleseed 9/11/19
Chain Gang Active Male Cardinal 9/1/95
Detroit Sound Machine Active Male Pioneer 11/18/13
Harmonic Balance Active Male Dixie 1/2/03
The Easy Aces Active Male Central States 3/2/10
Highlights Active Male Southwestern 4/18/12
Harmony Tradition Active Male Central States 3/15/19
Terry and the Pirates Active Male Seneca Land 3/13/16
Summit Chordsmen Active Male Johnny Appleseed 6/6/07
Square One Active Male Evergreen 3/2/15
Better Days Ahead Active Male Sunshine 2/27/14