Name Status Classification District Established Date
Magic Moment Active Male Far Western 2/20/20
CSV Active Male Evergreen 2/20/20
Phonic Boom Active Male Far Western 2/19/20
Bandstand Boys Active Male Carolinas 2/19/20
Southern Comfort Active Male Far Western 2/19/20
Missed Opportunity Active Male Far Western 2/18/20
Hot Second Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/17/20
Don't Panic Active Male Evergreen 2/17/20
Chord of the Rings Active Mixed Far Western 2/15/20
Jam Co. Active Mixed Central States 2/13/20
Three and a Half Men Active Male Sunshine 2/13/20
JAQ Active Male Far Western 2/12/20
Mischief Active Male Northeastern 2/12/20
Belles and Whistles Active Mixed Northeastern 2/11/20
The Boardroom Barber Tots Active Mixed Southwestern 2/7/20
Pants. Active Male Southwestern 2/7/20
Rosy Rhythms Active Female Far Western 2/5/20
The Upside Active Male Cardinal 2/5/20
County Line Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/5/20
Max Caliber Active Male Southwestern 2/4/20