Name Status Classification District Established Date
Full Measure Active Mixed Evergreen 3/12/19
Tomato Staccato Active Mixed Northeastern 1/2/19
One Steph Over The Line Active Mixed Mid-Atlantic 10/2/19
Ready Willing & Mabel Active Mixed Far Western 1/25/20
Harmony Lane Active Mixed Johnny Appleseed 1/31/20
Hangin' With The Guys Active Mixed Central States 3/28/19
Renegade Active Female Evergreen 9/24/19
Rosy Rhythms Active Female Far Western 2/5/20
Fourmata Active Female Carolinas 2/20/19
GQ Active Female Mid-Atlantic 10/30/19
The Beautyshoppers Active Female Mid-Atlantic 1/28/20
Intuition Active Female Northeastern 5/23/19
Noise Active Female Evergreen 2/24/19
Take 4 Active Female Central States 7/6/19
Four-Eyed Clovers Active Female Far Western 4/13/19
Generations Active Female Ontario 8/13/19
Troubadour Active Female Far Western 3/29/19
Swing Theory Active Female Ontario 1/2/19
Soul Sisters Active Female Evergreen 7/29/19
SwingTime Active Female Far Western 2/3/20