Name Status District Established Date
Adult Supervision Active Evergreen 4/2/18
After Hours Active Illinois 3/4/09
Agapé A Cappella Active Far Western 3/11/13
Agate Passage Active Evergreen 4/16/09
Age of Flight Active Mid-Atlantic 4/29/17
Alben and The Hip Monks Active Northeastern 1/31/18
Aldergrove Active Evergreen 2/23/18
All In Active Seneca Land 7/11/14
All In Good Time Active Mid-Atlantic 11/20/08
All of the Above Active Mid-Atlantic 1/24/18
All the Wiser Active Rocky Mountain 6/4/17
All This Mess Active Land O Lakes 4/3/17
Allaboard Active Mid-Atlantic 4/20/10
Alternate Route Active Far Western 2/3/18
Always Active Evergreen 4/6/18
Always Four In A Chord Active Evergreen 9/6/16
Always Sunny Active Mid-Atlantic 11/13/17
Ample Juice Active Evergreen 3/11/13
Amplitude Active Evergreen 1/9/18
Anacrusis Active Land O Lakes 4/4/17