Name Status District Established Date
All of the Above Active Mid-Atlantic 1/24/18
All This Mess Active Land O Lakes 4/3/17
Allaboard Active Mid-Atlantic 4/20/10
Alternate Route Active Far Western 2/3/18
Altr-ego Active Dixie 3/24/14
Always Active Evergreen 4/6/18
Always Sunny Active Mid-Atlantic 11/13/17
Ample Juice Active Evergreen 3/11/13
Amplitude Active Evergreen 1/9/18
Anacrusis Active Land O Lakes 4/4/17
Anecdote Active Carolinas 2/17/17
Ante Up Active Rocky Mountain 7/12/18
Anthology Active Mid-Atlantic 3/1/99
Antique Harmony Active Central States 12/25/15
Antique Parts Active Far Western 5/25/07
Antiques Roadshow Active Mid-Atlantic 10/13/17
Antiquity Active Mid-Atlantic 7/14/11
Apple Core-Tet Active Central States 9/1/88
Argenta Active Far Western 1/30/17
Art City Junction Active Rocky Mountain 1/24/18