Name Status Classification District Established Date
Sam's Club Active Male Dixie 3/2/20
Second Inversion Active Mixed Evergreen 3/1/20
Gray Matter Active Male Dixie 2/28/20
Swing and a Miss Active Mixed Sunshine 2/28/20
Backstage Pass Active Male Evergreen 2/27/20
The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band Active Male Dixie 2/27/20
Amici Active Mixed Far Western 2/26/20
The Stylistics Active Male Ontario 2/26/20
Lighten Up Active Male Rocky Mountain 2/25/20
Con Guys Active Male Johnny Appleseed 2/25/20
Sweeten Creek Active Male Carolinas 2/25/20
Look! A Dog! Active Mixed Dixie 2/24/20
Fourward Motion Active Male Far Western 2/24/20
u.q. Active Female Far Western 2/23/20
Rhombus Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/23/20
keystone 4 Active Male Johnny Appleseed 2/22/20
Charisma Bypass Active Male Evergreen 2/21/20
Liberty High School's Category Four Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/20/20
√16 Active Male Northeastern 2/20/20
Captain Woody's Goodtime Harmony Jamboree Active Male Far Western 2/20/20