Name Status District Established Date
Acapella Unplugged Active Ontario 1/12/09
Acappella Fellas Active Carolinas 4/1/93
Acclaim! Active Mid-Atlantic 9/1/94
Acclamation Active Southwestern 9/23/18
Achording To Dad Active Mid-Atlantic 4/2/00
Acoemeti Active Dixie 11/5/07
Acoustix Active Southwestern 4/1/91
Act IV Active Mid-Atlantic 2/20/18
Ad Astra Active Central States 8/23/16
ADHD - A Definite Harmony Disorder Active Mid-Atlantic 3/10/17
Adirondack Harmony Co Active Seneca Land 9/1/80
Adult Supervision Active Evergreen 4/2/18
After Hours Active Illinois 3/4/09
Agapé A Cappella Active Far Western 3/11/13
Agate Passage Active Evergreen 4/16/09
Age of Flight Active Mid-Atlantic 4/29/17
Alben and The Hip Monks Active Northeastern 1/31/18
Aldergrove Active Evergreen 2/23/18
All In Active Seneca Land 7/11/14
All In Good Time Active Mid-Atlantic 11/20/08