Name Status Classification District Established Date
Ginantonix Active Mixed Southwestern 4/24/20
Glen Echoes Active Male Mid-Atlantic 11/1/99
Go Figure! Active Male Cardinal 8/17/14
GOLDEN OLDIES Active Male Central States 7/14/15
GoldGentlemen of LyricalDistinction Active Male Evergreen 4/1/95
Good Company Active Male Johnny Appleseed 8/26/08
Good Ol' Boys Active Male Central States 9/3/17
Good Times! Active Male Far Western 6/10/08
Good Vibrations Active Male Mid-Atlantic 4/1/14
Goodness Gracious Active Male Dixie 7/22/19
Gotcha! Active Male Far Western 1/1/96
GQ Active Female Mid-Atlantic 10/30/19
Gray Matter Active Male Dixie 2/28/20
Graytones Active Male Ontario 4/1/97
Greenlight Active Male Northeastern 10/26/16
Group Therapy Active Mixed Seneca Land 2/18/19
H.O.V. 4 Active Male Mid-Atlantic 3/1/98
Hakuna Fermata Active Male Land O Lakes 4/14/16
Half and Half Active Mixed Johnny Appleseed 1/12/19
Happy Hour Active Male Illinois 9/4/12