Name Status Classification District Established Date
The Afterglows Active Male Northeastern 2/24/19
Noise Active Female Evergreen 2/24/19
Metzin' Around Active Mixed Evergreen 2/23/19
Ripple Effect Active Mixed Ontario 2/21/19
The Brooklynaires Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/21/19
Chordaholics Active Male Seneca Land 2/21/19
Quirks of Art Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/21/19
The Tone Commandments Active Male Far Western 2/20/19
Mountain Aire Active Male Carolinas 2/20/19
Kansas City Barber Q Active Male Central States 2/20/19
Sum of Each Active Mixed Mid-Atlantic 2/19/19
Group Therapy Active Mixed Seneca Land 2/18/19
No Regrets Active Mixed Johnny Appleseed 2/17/19
Six Feet Off Bass Active Male Far Western 2/15/19
Vaca Fellas Active Male Far Western 2/15/19
Vocalocity Active Male Far Western 2/14/19
Just Guys Active Mixed Mid-Atlantic 2/14/19
Envoy Active Male Evergreen 2/13/19
Sandia Sound Active Male Rocky Mountain 2/12/19
Persuasion Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/11/19