Name Status Classification District Established Date
SoCal Distancing Active Mixed Far Western 3/25/20
Snap, Crackle, Shop Active Mixed Seneca Land 7/9/19
SNAKPAK Active Male 12/11/14
Sleepless Knights Active Male Northeastern 1/30/20
Skyline Active Male Southwestern 1/16/18
Skyline Active Mixed Carolinas 4/8/20
Sky and the Guys Active Mixed Seneca Land 1/20/20
Skirt and Ties Active Mixed Sunshine 4/8/19
Six Feet Off Bass Active Male Far Western 2/15/19
Silver Ring Active Male Dixie 9/10/19
Silver On The Sides Active Male Pioneer 3/5/19
Silver Alert Active Male Mid-Atlantic 8/11/16
Side Street Ramblers Active Male Southwestern 9/1/76
Showpiece Active Male Southwestern 8/20/15
Short Notice Active Male Land O Lakes 3/24/19
Shopnado Active Male Seneca Land 9/4/19
Sho'N Off Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/2/05
Shenanigans Active Male Ontario 9/13/16
Sharp Attack Active Male Pioneer 12/2/05
Share the Load Active Male Central States 9/9/19