Name Status Classification District Established Date
Cutting Edge Active Male Far Western 1/22/19
D.A.T.E. Nite Active Male Central States 2/28/15
Daily Special Active Male Northeastern 11/16/17
Darlington Brothers Active Male Johnny Appleseed 1/22/19
Dead Ringers Active Male Northeastern 3/11/19
Deadline Active Male Northeastern 3/21/18
Decades Active Male Mid-Atlantic 1/1/18
Decades of Sound Active Mixed Mid-Atlantic 10/25/19
Default Quartet Name Active Male Mid-Atlantic 4/13/18
Dem Boys Active Male Johnny Appleseed 9/13/18
Denny and the Gents Active Male Central States 9/3/19
Destination Active Male Northeastern 3/9/18
Detroit Sound Machine Active Male Pioneer 11/18/13
Dewey, Singum, and Howe Active Male Sunshine 6/25/14
Different Frequencies Active Mixed Carolinas 3/2/04
Discord Active Male Southwestern 10/30/18
Distinction Active Male Mid-Atlantic 2/3/12
Divisi Active Mixed Johnny Appleseed 3/12/19
Dixie District Test Quartet 4 Active Male Dixie 2/8/08
Dog Days Active Male Mid-Atlantic 8/27/19