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Participation and Engagement in certain program offerings in the Barbershop Harmony Society may be based upon whether an individual is male or female. For example, since recently expanding Society membership to include women, we are still in the process of adding chapter and district membership options, as well as the ability to register women’s and mixed quartets. We recognize that not everyone identifies as strictly male or female. If you would like to share additional information about how you identify, thank you! We will keep this information confidential and use it to help us explore program and development decisions that create more inclusivity within the Society’s programs and offerings. If you're interested in telling us more about your identity, click here.

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Harmonizer is the official magazine of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), The Harmonizer mixes great how-to articles for singers, in-depth features about people, groups and trends in the BHS, and much more. From small groups that are making a difference to championship-level groups, you'll enjoy top-quality content six times a year.

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