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Far Western District

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818 424-5654
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Regular Membership 3 1
Senior with 50 Years of Service 1 0
Senior Legacy (as of 12/31/2009) 2 0
Senior Membership 3 0
Total 9 1

About Us

We meet on Monday nights at 6:30 PM at Montrose Church, 2409 Florencita Dr. West, Montrose, CA 91020. Park in the parking lot and go North past the patio tables to the glass door. We emphasize singing in quartets. We are often dark on national Monday holidays. Occasionally instead of meeting at the church we go out together to eat and sing. Call for more info. (818) 424-5654 (Dick)


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Highlanders 9 Male

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3322 Castera Ave.
c/o Richard Clark
Glendale, CA 91208

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Montrose Church
2409 Florencita Dr W
Montrose, CA 91020