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Type Active Lapsed
Lifetime Membership with 50 Years 0 0
Lifetime Regular Membership 0 0
Regular Membership 4 1
Senior with 50 Years of Service 3 0
Senior Legacy (as of 12/31/2009) 2 0
Senior Membership 4 0
Youth Membership (Under 26) not in their First Year 0 0
Total 13 1

About Us

The Frank Thorne Chapter (named after a late Society President) is an at-large chapter for members who are interested in the benefits of Society membership to all men drawn by their love of the four‑part close harmony style of music known as barbershop. The Frank Thorne Chapter is an outlet for those who would like to compete in a quartet but does not have a home chapter.


Name Active Members Classification
Pioneer District 13 Male

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BHS Harmony Hall
110 7th Avenue N
Nashville, TN 37203