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System Updates

Privacy controls added to Member Center

The Society takes seriously its responsibility to securely protect the personal information of its Members, Associates, and customers. At the same time, we recognize that being connected to one another is one of the primary reasons that the Society exists in the first place -- to be a means of finding more ways and more people to fully share the barbershop lifestyle.

Effective today, October 26, 2017, Members and Associates will have the ability to change their specific privacy options by opting-in and opting-out of which information on your member profile can be seen by other Members or Associates.

By default, the Member Center will permit other active Members and Associates to view the following information, unless you specifically change your privacy settings.

Privacy Option Default View
Your Birth Month and Day On
Your Address(es) On
Your Contact, Cell, & Work Phone # On
Your Significant Other Name On
Your Membership Subscriptions On
Your Gender Off
Your Voice part Off
Your “Man of Note” Count/Names Off

For more detailed information and a video tutorial, please click over to our help article on help.barbershop.org.

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